TRE70db InfiniTree™

Double-row 140 bars

♦ 140 bars for extended sweeps that never seem to end.

♦ Two piece design for easy transport

♦ Each side (high or low) can be used as a stand alone chime

♦ Individually hand-tied with 50-pound braided CordLoc™ (we don't use plastic ties).

♦ Polished and T-6 tempered aluminum/titanium alloy for brilliant tone, Tennessee Black Walnut mantle

Optional Case

- Tre51 Hard-sided gig bag

Optional Mounting Bracket

- Tre52 Bracket

TreeWorks Chimes



Tre70bd InfiniTree


       The exclusive two part design of the InfiniTree™
       allows it to be used as two separate chimes by adding
       the option of a second mantle.


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